Arcade Game Cabinets

About Us

G-Cabs leads the arcade cabinet industry in technology and design. Our cabinets offer top of the line gaming technology and sleek design. Our cabinets come with 60 games pre-installed to offer the most value. We have 5 models to choose from, each designed with playability in mind.

Our high quality LED monitors provide crystal clear game-play and exceptional coloration of the games. The skins are modern and would be a perfect fit for any game room. The optional coin-mechanism is a great addition that maintains the nostalgic appeal or a good way to hold your friends accountable for all the pizza you buy!

G-Cabs started in 2013. We saw a need for a reliable and consistent product for gamers to keep the tradition of arcade cabinets alive. We wanted to create a product line that embraces the age of technology while also keeping the timelessness of an arcade cabinet at the forefront of our production.

Our Products



Mayhem XL



  • Fast Production
  • High Quality South Korean LED Monitors, manufactured by LG or AVO
  • LED Joysticks, Trackballs and Buttons
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass, with low glare
  • External volume control, no programming required
  • Castors and leg levelers make the cabinets easy to move, lock in place and remain level
  • Functioning coin mechanism
  • 1 year warranty on all parts, except for glass (unless broken out of box) and coin mechanism

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